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fine arts Vancouver BC local artist Garett Campbell Wilson

Garett Campbell-Wilson is an emerging artist, born in Vancouver, British Columbia. His art is provocative, engaging and a feast for your eyes. Campbell-Wilson has had a passion for art from an early age and received formal training at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Currently painting full-time in his studio, variety is key in his creative process and he finds it important to resist becoming restricted to one style or way of working. He prefers to paint large while developing multiple paintings at a time. A recurring theme in Gcamwil’s work revolves around diverse perception. He creates conversation pieces where viewers enter into dialogue sharing multiple perspectives. Gcamwil gains inspiration from nature, observation, and tapping into all the senses. Essentially, his vivid dreams are reinterpreted in his artwork. The connection of mind, body, and spirit is essential to his creation process.

Today, Garett continues to show his works of art in numerous locations in Vancouver and has private and corporate clients in Canada and the United States. Currently, he is working on commissions as well as personal projects reflecting the zeitgeist.

"Garett Campbell-Wilson is an economical painter, in that he says much with very little. By that I mean that when close up to one of his paintings, the brush strokes are wild and free, apparently abstract. However, when you pull back to view the whole image those strokes not only succinctly describe the form of the subject but also charge the subject with life, eliciting an emotional response in the viewer. For an artist still in his twenties, this level of skill shows maturity, which combined with his range and depth of vision, indicates that Garett Campbell-Wilson is capable of great things. Art World take note..."
-Mark Prior, Director, MiMa Fine Art Publishers.

An inspirational and brilliantly visionary artist, whose flowing brush strokes infuse unexpected passion and life to those elusive and silent depths of soul, we so intuitively know.
-Desiree D, Vancouver

Life with GCAMWIL art : I first saw Garett's art at the Royal Ontario Museum in the summer of 2010. I took pictures of the images because I wanted to hold on to the beauty butdidn't think I could afford to have the art in my home. When I discovered that Garett had made cards of those same images, I was ecstatic! I love having this beautiful art on my walls. I look at it when I come down the stairs and it's the first thing I look at when I come into my home after being out. The images, colours, and vibrancy ofthe pieces all bring LIFE and movement into my living space. The only downside is that I now have to paint the walls to make the cards pop even more!!!
-S. Fryer, Toronto

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